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Karen's Story - I Was Both Patient 
and Caregiver at the Same Time
By Karen Evans

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My biggest regret is that Mom is spending her hard earned money to hire someone to assist us. I struggle with conflicting feelings of "At least she has someone to help her" vs. "This person is doing my job." This is one case where there is no right or wrong. If I do for Mom, I'll end up back in the hospital. If I stay in bed and let others take charge, I find it hard to live with myself.

Two years ago, Mom was given less than two years to live. I watch her carefully as she tries to eat (more for my sake than hers) or as she watches the Braves on TV and I believe at this point she's going to make a liar out of her doctors. I've readjusted my thinking about the future. I feel certain that within a year, I'll resume all of my responsibilities of caregiving without the help of strangers. I only have one mother and when she eventually goes to her grave, I want to feel successful in my caring for her and know that no one could have done any better.

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