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Humor, Grace and Airport Security
By Erika Hoffman

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“Dad, you have not been out in the woods. How could there be a rock in there?”I figured he was just complaining about a twinge, a sudden pang of arthritis, or a turned ankle. Maybe he was getting antsy about his flight. Dad can be a Nervous Nellie whenever there is a transition. And going to stay with my sister for a few weeks might have him a bit unsettled. Yet, I said, “I’ll check, Dad.”I find it is easier to humor old people than argue with them. They are like little children sometimes, and with them it is simpler to open the closet door and prove there is no ghost than pontificate on why Casper is not haunting their bedroom. So, I knelt down before my dad. Show, don’t tell.

On creaking knees, I untied the double knot on the right sneaker. I yanked off his footwear.

There in his sneaker lay his metal wristwatch--- on its side, no less. Bigger than a rock!

“Gees, no wonder your foot hurt, Dad! Your doggone watch was tucked in your shoe!”

He began laughing. I laughed too. Soon all the folks seated around us heehawed.

It’s a post 9-11 world! And, for the elderly going through airport security, it is just one more challenge to face in old age. Yet, no snafu is without its humor! And old folks who might forget a lot don’t forget to laugh at the funny things that happen to them because of their age and the situation they are in. Thank Heavens for laughter and good humor and amazing Grace! Especially when old and traveling the friendly and skies!

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