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Adaptive Equipment – A Driving Force
By Frances Maguire Paist

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• A Column Extension is a spacer that brings the steering system closer to the driver.

• Manual Hand Controls allow the braking and acceleration systems to be controlled manually by the driver’s hand instead of foot.

• Powered Gas and Brake Systems supplement driver force and motion with vehicle power to control acceleration, speed and braking.

• Joystick Control is a system that allows operation of multiple functions with a single lever.

• A Left Foot Accelerator is installed to the left of the brake pedal and allows vehicle acceleration with the driver’s left foot.

• Low or Minimal Effort Braking is a modification that reduces the braking force.

• Manual Parking Brake Extension is a handle that allows the parking brake to be set with the driver’s hand. The Electric Parking Brake is a motor or actuator that sets and releases the parking brake electrically.

• A Power Seat Base is installed beneath the manufacturer’s seat and permits the original seat to be moved in a combination of directions as needed. A Removable Seat Base allows a factory seat to be removed or repositioned while still maintaining equipment specifications.

• A Gear Shift Extension is a device that attaches to the original gear selector and permits increased leverage.

• An Adapted Key Holder improves key grip and turning leverage.

• A Car Top Carrier is an integrated wheelchair lift and storage compartment for a manual wheelchair. With this adaptation, the wheelchair is lifted and stored on the roof of the car.

• Wheelchair Securement is a manual or electronic tie-down system that holds the wheelchair steady in a moving vehicle.

• A Scooter Hoist or Lift facilitates the loading and unloading of a scooter into a vehicle.

• GM’s Sit ‘N Lift Power Seat is a fully motorized, rotating lift and lower passenger seat that makes vehicle entrance and exit much easier.

The GM Mobility Reimbursement Program reimburses customers up to $1,000 off of the cost of any eligible aftermarket adaptive equipment. Making lives better for those whose lives have been drastically altered is a calling well worth pursuing. Adaptive equipment? Think of it as a driving force.


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