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Long-Term Care

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By Sue Stewart

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I accepted the role of caregiver as my responsibility to him and it was my privilege to assist the caregivers at Francis House and the hospice team. It wasn't pretty, or easy. Vacations were cancelled, activities suspended. It was hard and tiring with moments of weepiness and indignity.

Warren never said good-bye, but finally the miracle I awaited was there. What I found was simple. It wasn't about me. It was about Warren. He was living his life as he defined it. I was simply, yet profoundly, a part of his journey. My job was to be me, to be me with him, and I am more alive because of it. He had made his own decisions, graciously connected with the people providing his care, and died in a way consistent with his living. To the end, he was a part of our community, and the community was always there and ready for him.


Sue Stewart is Vice President for Operations. hospice and Palliative Care Associates in Leverpool, New York. As a social worker and hospice administrator, Sue Stewart has worked to forge new links in the support system available to people in failing health in this community. Recently, in caring for her own father-in-law, she witnessed the workings of that system first-hand.


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