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Long-Term Care

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Nursing Home Care
By Wesley Patrick

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  • Grievance procedure-Is there a procedure in place?
    • If there is one, ask other patients if it works.
    • Is there a patient’s council?
    • Are patient’s involved in the decision-making process?
  • Financing-Check what services Medicaid or Medicare covers.
    • Any extra costs above the room rate?

That should get you beginning to consider what things are most important to you and your loved one when selecting a nursing home facility. The transition to one of these homes may be difficult at first so be there on moving day, and bring items that are familiar to furnish the new room with. Family photos are ideal to make it seem you’re your family is “there” even when you’re not. Always remember to visit often to show your loved one that someone out there still cares. On special occasions you could even go out. The bottom line is whatever is best for your loved one.


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