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Long-Term Care

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Nursing Home Care
By Wesley Patrick

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When choosing a nursing home for your loved one, you should compile a list of several that would be appropriate. It is essential that you visit each one in person. Things to look for are:

  • Location-Close to a hospital for emergencies
    • Convenient for you, friends, relatives, and the loved one’s doctor
  • Visiting Hours-Are the hours convenient?
    • Ideally, you should be able to visit anytime
  • Size of Facility-Small home=more personal
    • Large home=more activities
    • Consider the quality of activities and services
  • Room Selection-Is attention paid to room and/or roommate selection?
    • If loved one dislikes roommate, can he or she change?
    • Can we bring some of our own furniture?
  • Holding a Bed-If transferred to hospital, is a bed reserved?
  • Valuables-How are these protected?
  • Volunteers-Are community volunteers used—the more volunteers a home has, the greater the amount of patient services provided
  • Morale-How do the patients seem?
    • Is there respect and privacy?
    • Is there access to TV and radio?
  • Food-Does it taste good?
    • Ask other patients about it
    • Dining room—is it clean, attractive, nice atmosphere?
    • Is the food the right temperature
    • Can special diet needs be met?
    • Is food available at any other time than at regular meal times?


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