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Long-Term Care

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Channeling Care
By Gary Barg

I may be a bit prejudiced, but I believe that there are no smarter people in the world than family and grandparent caregivers. Who else in a moment's notice can transform from loving spouse, daughter, son, grandchild, grandparent to dietitian, therapist, insurance specialist, chauffer, psychologist, pharmacist and incontinence expert? 

The challenge is that we are asked to do so in the blink of an eye or when the phone call that comes in the middle of the night telling us that something is amiss with our loved one.  Unfortunately, that can lead to our being subject to "mal-information." In other words, the information we have about vital topics of interest are not only wrong, but wrong and bad.  These include hospice, homecare, clinical trials, respite, financial solutions such as reverse mortgages and the many different usages of the phrase: long-term care (LTC).  

According to our friends at, long-term care is a variety of services that includes medical and non-medical care to people who have a chronic illness or disability.  And this year that is about nine million men and women over the age of 65 who will need long-term care although long-term care can be necessary at any age.   Yet, long-term care also refers to the appropriate planning necessary for such healthcare issues as well as to an important insurance option that helps pay for the financial challenges of caring for a senior loved one in need.

So, not only do we immediately need to become active members of our loved one’s care team, but we also need to learn about new terms, tools and techniques that the other members of the team have long known about in their years as healthcare professionals.

This holiday season, take some time with your family members to review the information, support and advice offered by healthcare professionals and (as important) your fellow caregivers in the Long Term Care Channel.   
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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