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Long-Term Care

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Changing The Status Quo
By Jennifer Wilson, Staff Writer

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In order to meet the ever-growing health and social needs of rural America, healthcare not only needs to be accessible, but it also needs to be more affordable. However, the unfortunate truth exists that the government is just now beginning to do studies and take a serious look at what rural caregivers and their loved ones need.

Rural Long-Term Care Issues

  • The integration of long-term care along with other needed non-medical social services in rural areas.
  • Strengthening the collaboration among government, private corporations and local community organizations in order to meet the healthcare needs of rural seniors and their caregivers.
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs should begin to seriously consider offering more long-term care options with so many combat veterans living in rural areas.
  • Rural advocates must begin to research and evaluate where future financing will come from for long-term care services, and how these services will be implemented.
  • Include the term “rural” in the distribution of federal dollars for long-term care services and integrate any implications of policy decisions or changes on rural elders in all policy debates.
  • Create a rural, long-term care task force that will address the existing and future problems of the increasing number of elderly in rural America.
  • Evaluate Medicaid and Medicare reform options to include the expansion of  affordable, accessible, and available long-term care into rural America.


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