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Long-Term Care

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What to Look for in a Long Term Care Insurance Policy

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  • “Outline of coverage" describing all benefits, limitations, and exclusions
  • A comprehensive guide of all plans available provided by the company so that you can compare policies and determine what meets your needs best
  • Guarantees that the LTCI plan will be there for you when you need it most; the policy should not be permitted to be canceled, non-renewed, or terminated by the company at their discretion because you are experiencing mental or physical problems
  • Ability to return the policy and receive a premium refund; you should have 30 days to be able to reconsider in what is called a “free look” period
  • Policy purchasers should not have to fulfill preexisting conditions before being able to opt for a plan (preconditions to look out for include hospitalizations or care of any kind)


Source: Genworth Financial


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