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Long-Term Care

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Tips for Caregivers

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  1. When you implement your plan, make sure you keep lists of the following items and distribute them to anyone who is participating in your loved one's care:
  • Insurance documentation that's easily accessible for those who may have to travel with a loved one to the hospital, doctor, dentist, or other care provider. Insurance information is usually the first information needed at admission in order to be seen.
  • Telephone numbers of all who participate in the plan, including paid caregivers, family and friends, facilities and day care centers.
  • Telephone numbers for all medical relationships including emergency response, doctors, dentists, therapist and pharmacies. Also list telephone numbers for appropriate support such as home repair, veterinarians or food delivery services.
  • Medications. Make sure to keep this list up-to-date and redistribute, when changes are made. Include the name of the medication, the amount and frequency of the dose and the name of the prescribing physician.
  1. Perhaps the most important tip for the family caregiver is to take care of yourself so you can be at your best for your loved one. Ask for help before you're at a crisis point. Ask for help before someone thinks to offer it. Ask for help before your own health is at risk. Limiting the stress in your life will make your loved one feel like less of a burden and will maximize the enjoyment you may find in caring for them.


Source: Genworth Financial


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