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Long-Term Care

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The Four Primary Kinds of Care Providers

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In a nursing home you might have a choice between a private room or semi-private room. Rooms may have a private bathroom or the bathroom may be shared by two rooms. Meals are provided three times a day in a community setting or delivered to the patient's room if required. 

Cost: Daily rates are most common. The national median daily rate for a private room is $222 per day, which equates to $81,030 per year*. The annual cost of a nursing home room is determined by the type of room that is occupied and any additional charges for non-care services such as laundry, telephone or cable connections. 

Adult Daycare Centers

Adult day care centers provide programs for adults in a community-based group setting. These programs are generally planned to provide a variety of health, social and related support services in a protective setting during part of the day to adults who need supervised care outside the home. Adult day care facilities and adult day care centers are available in many cities and towns. They can operate on a nonprofit or public basis, and can be affiliated with multi-service entities such as home care, assisted living, nursing facilities and hospitals, religious and other non-profit organizations. The most appropriate choice for you will depend on your loved one's care needs and their ability to participate in social programs. 

You might consider an Adult Day Care Center when your loved one:

  • is unsafe when left alone
  • seems unable to manage daily activities
  • has extended daily periods of isolation

Cost: There are a wide range of costs among Adult Daycare Centers. They range from $40 a day to over $100 per day depending on services offered, reimbursement and region. The national average cited by the National Adult Day Services Association is $61 per day**. Adult Day Care center is not usually covered by Medicare. Some coverage aid may be available through a state or federal programs (e.g., Medicaid, Older Americans Act, and Veterans Administration). 

See the Care Library Article titled What Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community and 9 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Care Provider for help with questions to ask and what to look for when selecting a provider.

* Genworth 2012 Cost of Care Survey
** National Adult Day Services Association ( Overview and Facts, retrieved on December 29, 2011


Source: Genworth Financial


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