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Long-Term Care

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Family Dynamics

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Talk about your feelings using “I” messages and speaking from personal experience. Avoid “you” sentences that might suggest blame or come across as criticisms. That will only make people defensive and angry.

Geography often dictates who will end up being the main caregiver. If you live closest to your parents, but don’t get along with them or don’t have time to give, talk with your siblings about this now.

If one parent is already ill, your healthy parent is probably the main caregiver. But often, it is this person whose health fails, leaving the family stranded. Again, it’s vital to talk. Support the primary caregiver, and have another option in case something happens to her (or him).

If you know in advance that you are going to be the primary caregiver or will be expected to offer financial help, talk to your siblings about how this might play out and what you will expect from them, as well.


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