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Long Distance Caregiving

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Helping From Far Away
By Kate Shuman
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Needs Assessment

  • Help with chores, laundry, yard work and household maintenance.
  • Help with grocery shopping.
  • Need for meals delivered to the home or fixed and served there, with clean-up included?
  • Is help needed with personal care, such as getting dressed or bathing?
  • Do they need transportation to places important to your relative, such as church or social gatherings, the pharmacy and doctorsí appointments?
  • Is assistance needed with medical appointments, and/or consultation with doctors and other health professionals?
  • Do they need assistance with paying the bills, banking, budgeting or other money matters like looking into financial assistance to make ends meet?
  • Is it time to get a referral to an attorney experienced in elderlaw issues?
  • Help with dispensing of medications and ensuring they are taken on time?
  • Have a safety inspection of the house (test smoke alarms, look for uneven flooring, loose rugs, lighting) in order to decrease in-home dangers.
  • Install grab bars or ramps to make the home safer and easier to navigate.
  • Arrange for trips out of the house, perhaps to an adult day care or senior center.
  • Utilize the network of friends and neighbors in the rural community who can make sure on a weekly or even  on a daily basis that your loved one is well.
  • Arrange for additional social visits from friends, family and other care provider volunteers.

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