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Long Distance Caregiving

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What to do About Mom or Dad
Find the Expertise You Need in a
Professional Geriatric Care Manager

by Cheryl Smith, MA
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Delegate to The Experts

Just as you might delegate tasks at home or work to those with proven expertise, take the same approach when it comes to determining a plan for your parent’s future. Seek expertise from a proven professional and you’ll know that you’re getting information you can count on while avoiding costly mistakes from trying to figure it out on your own. 

With a geriatric care manager, you’ll get inside knowledge on everything from local facilities, in-home services, and where to find medical equipment and supplies to unadvertised benefits entitled by various associations—local (such as Alzheimer’s Association) or national (such as Veterans). Most of all, their encouraging support will allow you to continue the routine of your daily life while staying fully involved with your parent’s aging experience. With a geriatric care manager, your time with mom or dad becomes bonding time, not time trying to haggle over what to do next. 

Do you want flexibility to manage your day, putting priority on the important instead of the urgent? Do you want to prepare for the unexpected ahead of time? Do you want to work smarter, not harder? Do you want to enjoy your time with your parents without frustrating arguments and exhausting power struggles?
Contact a geriatric care manager to help you set up a strategic plan organizing and implementing the care your parent needs. They will help you fulfill your own needs to be involved as closely as possible while maintaining your own personal and professional obligations. Whether you need help for a day, a few months or a few years, let decisions about the care of the people you love most be guided by someone who’s been there before.

Today’s geriatric care managers are experts at wading through the decisions and for a reasonable hourly fee, can open you to a world of options. Their professional suggestions are based on broad experience, understanding of geriatric issues and most of all, the needs of your ailing parent.


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