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Long Distance Caregiving

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Caring For An Elder From Far Away:
Geriatric Care Managers

By Terry Weaver, M.P.S., A.C.C.

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How do you know when it is time to call a professional? Look for these signs:

  • Is your loved one losing weight for no known reason? Do they fall?

  • Is the home unkempt and becoming unsafe? How are meals made? Who pays the bills?

  • Are they able to(and do they) maintain a neat appearance? Has drinking become a problem?

  • Is it safe for your parents to drive? If not, who does the driving for them?

  • Has there been a sudden memory loss or increased confusion?

Of course in order to answer these questions, you’ll have to pay a visit to your long distance loved one, or rely on information from a relative or friend who is close to that loved one. There is no reason to feel guilty about being far away as long as you are doing everything that you can to help.


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