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CMT - Charcot-Marie-Tooth Channel

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Finding Support for Hereditary Neuropathy
By Trish Hughes Kreis

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CMT is known as a slow moving disorder which does not shorten a personís life span.  For many people, symptoms are mild although more severe cases may require the person living with CMT to use leg braces or a wheelchair for assistance with mobility.  Surgery is sometimes an option in order to correct the foot or joint deformity. 

Hereditary Neuropathy may not have been a disorder the newly diagnosed person has been familiar with or it may have been a part of the family for generations.  In either situation, education and reaching out for support will help not only the person living with CMT but also their families.


Trish Hughes Kreis is a freelance writer and full-time Legal Administrator who coordinates the care of her disabled youngest brother, Robert.  She advocates on behalf of Robert in order to keep him as healthy and happy as possible and has managed to persistently navigate the maze of social services and government programs available to help him.  Most importantly, she keeps Robert in a steady supply of Word Search books and 7-Up and entertains him by being on the losing end of many card games.  She can be contacted at or through her blog


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