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Childhood Onset

These traits carry with them different circumstances and should be dealt with appropriately given the severity. Conduct disorders is similar in both age groups, with occurrence being in about 20 % of those afflicted. Understanding the family history is important in determining sexual abuse and possible schizophrenia. Attention deficit disorders usually lead to bipolar disorder in both children and adolescents characterized by recurring states of mania. Substance abuse in adolescents often leads to rapid cycling and can mimic the negative effects of depression and mania throughout. Both children and adolescents have higher instances of anxiety, with as many as 30% of all sufferers facing this threat.

The Course of Bipolar Disorder through Age

Childhood and Young Adolescent
Initial Episode: Strong depression
Type: Rapid-cycling
Length of illness: Continuous
Lasting Symptom:  Manic State

Initial Episode: Heightened mania
Type: Extreme highs and lows
Length of illness: Days or weeks
Lasting Symptom:  Depressed state

Young children are usually stricken with an episode of depression and sadness, usually resulting in cycles of irrational behavior and brief outbursts. The illness is continuous until treated, and it is the manic state that usually remains the toughest to overcome. While there are improvements in teenagers who suffer from the illness, young children often face the fact that the disease is not going to go away, and may in fact plague them into adulthood. The ability to diagnosis the disorder in its early stages, and seek appropriate treatment that will help regulate the childís behavior can in most cases keep it regulated, and even reduce its debilitating effects before adulthood.


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