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PreSchool in Alzheimer's Care Center
By Diane Guthrie
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Afternoon activities include playing with Play-Doh. One resident sits at the table with the students but doesn’t appear to notice them. She is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s and has limited physical movement.  “We don’t give Play-Doh to residents, especially if it’s cut with a cookie cutter. They might eat it,” Lawrence says.  “A child under two and one-half might do that too.” Rano, rolling out and cutting her dough, says, “I’m making lunch – strawberry vanilla,” and laughs. A resident wanders in looking out of sorts.  “Are we being noisy?” Lawrence says.  “It’s a fun noise though.”

Preschoolers deliver mail to the residents late in the afternoon.  Morgan happily hands the envelope to a resident but doesn’t want to stick around while Lawrence helps them open the mail and read it.

Lawrence hands Jason an envelope to give to Sally. “She’s a pistol.  That’s why they get along so well.  They don’t see her as an old lady,” she says. “You’re my favorite kids in the world,” Sally says.  Jason hands the envelope to Sally.  “Can I give you a kiss,” she says. “No,” Jason says.  The caregiver suggests that Sally blow him a kiss.


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