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Persevering Through Mid-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease
By Kristine Dwyer, Staff Writer

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Keeping a daily journal for both the caregiver and care receiver is a great resource as one seeks the best care options, and details the care recipient's actual needs. It also can become a guide for the physician and for those who may have to step in and take a caregiver’s place on a short-term basis. The journal can record the caregiving experiences—what hurts, what works, and what brings success. Furthermore, it helps build a stronger foundation for this challenging voyage.

This is also the time to consider using services such as: adult day care programs or respite care support, home delivered meals, housekeeping and chore services, or a home health aide to provide personal care assistance.

Mid-stage often brings role changes within the relationship as the caregiver takes over the day to day affairs of the household, along with the legal and financial decisions.

The Alzheimer’s Association, local social services and the Area Agency on Aging can be contacted for many resources, especially information on legal and financial matters. The Internet also offers numerous resources and educational opportunities at the touch of a button.

Caregivers are a unique group of people who are capable of being resourceful, steadfast and persevering through difficult moments and times of hopelessness. The key is to find strength during this stage of AD through knowledge, skill building, and the support of others who have traveled down this road.  Amidst the anguish, there can still be many rewards in caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease and above all, there is an abundance of support within reach for caregivers as they walk with their loved one on this unpredictable journey.






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