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Life Lessons Are Not Always Easy
By Mary Muir, M.Ed. 

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I have been told that the best way to approach our visits now is to avoid making any reference to being her daughter. Unless she brings it up, I do not mention that I have been there to see her. In spite of the personal pain I am feeling, it is important to confront the reality and not walk away from her at a time when she is most vulnerable.

Consequently, I must now try to focus on the calmness and comfort I can bring to her. We have let go of titles and relationships. We are now just two pilgrims on this journey and our focus is on how to relate purely at the heart level. I am holding on to the moments of comfort in the midst of pain and suffering over a lifetime of lost memories.

May you never have to take this life changing journey
May you not put off making time for those you care for and
May you remember to cherish and appreciate your loved ones
While you can.

Note from Mary: This is my personal story, but I hope it has a message for other families who are facing the progression of Alzheimer’s and its impact on relationships.

Mary Muir, M.Ed., has an extensive background and experience in Counseling, Mind Body Wellness, Reiki, Pastoral Counseling and Healing Arts. She has conducted numerous Women’s Groups, CEU Programs, Professional Development Workshops, Spiritual Practice Groups and Women’s Wellness Retreats throughout New England.


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