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Alzheimer's: Making The Home Safe
By Peter Ganther

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Encourage young people to ask questions. Help them understand what's going on and provide age-appropriate information and explanation.

Remind kids that the behavior of the affected person is a reflection of the disease. Help them understand that the person may not always mean what they say, or intend to act the way they sometimes do.

Educate and involve their friends. Ask your children if they've discussed Alzheimer's disease with close friends or classmates. Talk about ways to make their friends feel welcome and comfortable in your home.

Let them help. Find activities that the young person can help with. Be careful not to overwhelm them with too many caregiving responsibilities.

Set aside time for the kids. Find some time each day to give your children some individualized attention, reassurance and emotional support. 

This information provided by the Alzheimer's Association, USA. To locate the chapter nearest you, call (800) 272-3900. Further reproduction prohibited without written



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