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Alzheimer's: The Present and the Future

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Tips and Techniques for Caregivers: What Your Doctor Wants To Know

Whether you are visiting the doctor for your loved one or yourself, etiquette in the doctor's office is important to know since you'll be there a lot. The following are tips offered by UCLA/USC Long Term Gerontology Center:

  • Don't lie, add to or hide symptoms. 
  • Don't lie about social/home life situations. 
  • Don't chisel medical advice from other people to throw at the doctor. 
  • Respect your doctor’s personal life. Know the meaning of "Emergency" 
  • If you aren't going to do what the doctor says TELL HIM. 
  • If you don't agree with the doctor, TELL HIM and ask questions.
  • Use phone calls wisely, and don't over use the nurses time. 
  • If your doctor says "I don't know" we should do tests, he's being honest and telling you the possible options to follow, not trying to stick you.


This information has been graciously provided by the ALZwell Alzheimer's Caregiver Page. You can find their website at Further reproduction by written permission only.

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