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Alzheimer's: Altered Perceptions
By Dorothy Womack
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I do have one golden memory that stands out during those years of caring for my mother. After having a major stroke and being in a coma for a few days, my mother suddenly woke up. She found herself in the hospital bed in our home, and for some reason her mind had gone back to the time when she was hospitalized to give birth to ME!! I came into the room and she asked me who I was – I told her my name and she said, my, I just named my own daughter that name!! I looked into my own mother’s eyes and she was literally glowing with joy and pride!! I knew I had discovered a secret not many children will EVER have the opportunity to witness or grasp, that moment of birth when your own mother is totally in rapturous awe at the thought of YOU coming into their lives!! At that moment, looking into her glowing eyes, I knew what I had longed to know my entire life – That I was truly loved, wanted and desired. My mother loved me!! It was like having an entire glimpse into a past I could NEVER enter otherwise, and what I found was great joy and beauty!! I will never forget the glow of the love my mother carried for me on my birth…

So, in closing, think about how the Alzheimer patient has experienced a total altered reality – Their perceptions are altered forever – As the disease progresses, they lose more active brain cells and retreat further and further back into their memories, into the lives they once lived. This is not like a MEMORY to them now – It is an ACTUAL LIVING REALITY!! And once in a great while, we get the unique privilege of a glimpse inside their minds, their hearts, their very souls. What we find there is not chaos or turmoil – Instead we find great joy and love in great abundance – We find the beauty of the soul!!

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