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A Brief History of Alzheimer's Disease
By Michael Plontz

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As many of us have parents and grandparents reaching the age where Alzheimer’s commonly occurs, research is making giant strides in finding out more about the disease and possibly discovering a cure.  One organization that has dedicated itself to that end is the Alzheimer’s Association.  This organization was founded twenty years ago and since then has awarded grants over the $100 million mark.  This makes it our nation’s largest private funder of research.

“Every minute, every day, scientists learn something new about Alzheimer’s disease.  The momentum of research is building, fueling excitement and moving scientists closer to understanding the causes of Alzheimer’s,” says Brenda Johnson, Executive Director of the Greater Miami Area Chapter.  “Many of today’s clinical discoveries are the result of basic science research funded over the years by the Alzheimer’s Association.”

As the “baby boomer’s” parents reach retirement age, it is imperative that we find a cure for this insidious disease before it reaches epidemic proportions.  Donating money is always a good way to help, but another, more hands on way, is to get your loved one involved in a clinical trial.  We should all do what we can because, after all, we aren’t getting any younger. 


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