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AIDS Management

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Seniors & HIV

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Where Can I Get Tested?

Free and confidential or anonymous HIV tests are available.
To find an HIV testing site near you, visit

Or, call:
1-800-CDC-INFO  (1-800-232-4636)
TTY: 1-888-232-6348
In English, en Espaņol
Open 24 hours a day - Confidential

What Else Can I Do?

You have the power to help stop the spread of HIV.

Be safe. Even if you or your partner are past the age where you need to worry about unwanted pregnancy, you still need to protect yourself from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. The best way to prevent HIV is to abstain from having sex. If you do have sex, use a new latex condom every time. Do not share needles or syringes.

Talk to your doctor. Many older Americans visit the doctor on a routine basis, but they do not often bring up the subject of sex or drug use. But talking about HIV testing is your responsibility. Do not assume your doctor will ask you to be tested for HIV.

Spread the word. Thousands of Americans are infected with HIV each year. Set an example by getting tested and spreading the word that other older Americans should do the same.

Fact sheet prepared by:
National HIV Testing Mobilization Campaign
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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