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Welcome to CareNotes. In this special section we will feature a reader's letter and provide an opportunity for an interactive exchange that will help find some answers and possible solutions to concerns. If you wish to respond to this letter, simple follow the link provided at the end of the letter and add your comments and thoughts to our CareNotes Board.

This Week's Carenote - 12/21/10
The biggest concern I have is that my 78-year-old mother falls and I am not able to pick her up off the floor. I've thought of buying a beanbag that might help me get her back into bed. I'm looking for any better answer to this.



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Date: 12/25/2010
Time: 04:05 PM


I have fallen several times before learning about the non emergency resecue team. They have put a gait belt on me. They have come to the house three times since my stroke. I am quite heavy but the team puts a Gate Belt on me, pick me up and away they go.

Name: Carecoach, Joanne Reynolds
Location: Crested Butte, CO
Date: 12/21/2010
Time: 03:32 PM


Dear MR-- Instead of trying to figure out how you can get your mom up from a fall, put some effort into preventing them: First, find a physical therapist who can give you lessons in how to position your body to help your mom move about safely. If you hurt yourself trying to help her, then who's going to take care of her? Second, visit (site of the National Adminsitration on Aging),, and for really helpful info on fall prevention. Finally, when your mom does fall, call 911. The fire department or paramedics will come and get your mom into bed. It will keep your back, hips, shoulder, etc. healthy so you can continue to care for her. Blessings, Joanne

Date: 12/21/2010
Time: 11:57 AM


Should your love one fall, you should call 911 for assistance. That way you'll get the support you need and confirmation that your loved one did not injure themselves. Additionally, you eliminate the risk of hurting your loved one and yourself by trying to pick them up.

Name: Karen
Location: Florida
Date: 12/21/2010
Time: 10:19 AM


Hi, I have the same problem. My husband has PD, is 6'2" and 250 lbs, there is no way I can get him off the floor when he falls. I have 2 suggestions: Your county may offer this service. Here in Florida, our Fire Department will send out men to pick someone up off the floor, when they are not responding to a fire. There is no charge for this service as long as medical care is not required. I have used the service 3 times so far and they have been wonderful. If your mother has medicare, they will cover a Hoyer lift. The lift can pick someone off the floor or transfer from a bed to a wheelchair. Any medical supply business should be able to help you with this. Hope this helps, Karen

Name: Margaret
Location: New York
Date: 12/21/2010
Time: 08:43 AM


Our community fire department has a "Lift Assist" program whereby you telephone the non-emergency number provided by our Sheriff's department. The nearest fire department station dispatches a minimum of three (3) firefighters; one is an EMS. They safely lift your LO and determine if further medical evaluation may be required. Depending upon the 'fall' situation, i.e., if your LO has hit their head, or if there are visible open wounds, or possibility of internal bleeding, 911 would be called. The "lift assist" is a WONDERFUL service provided by our community, at no charge to its citizens. It is a great alternative for specific situations where no serious injury had taken place. I hope your area provides a similar service for its citizens.

Name: Pat Dranchak
Location: Mount Laurel, NJ
Date: 12/21/2010
Time: 06:54 AM


Dealing with a parent who falls frequently can be difficult and scary for both of you. Does your mother fall out of bed or does she fall when she is moving to or from the bed? If your mother falls out of bed, you could add side rails to the bed. We used the the Ez adjust bed rail for my Dad. You can get the rails through Amazon. The rails are adjustable in length and fold down so that your Mom can stand up or you can reach her to help her. Placing a pillow agains the rail makes it more comfortable for her if she rolls against the rail. There are other rails available on the market as well. Choose a kind that works for your situation. When your Mom falls, you can hurt both yourself and her trying to get her back into bed. I know it is your first instince to help her yourself, but I don't recommend trying to lift her yourself. Emergency services in your community help with emergency assists all the time. We had to call them several times for help for my Dad after a fall. They were always helpful, understanding, and pleasant. To help ease the tension after a successful recovery from a fall, we would tease my Dad about trying to run away from home. Humor eased his fear a bit and help him feel less like a burden. Good luck.



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