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August 28, 2014
Issue #744

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From the Editor's Pen Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg

The Hottest Corner of Hades

As we exit an especially hot summer here in South Florida (although, you could set your clock by the afternoon rains), the steam rising from my ears has nothing to do with the thermostat. Rather, it is the recent spate of scams and frauds that have been in the media lately.

On the good news/bad news front is that some of the messaging about online scams must be getting through since these fraudsters are now resorting to old-fashioned (and more costly) methods of reaching our loved ones. The reports that we are receiving about the amount of actual mail (remember that?) and phone call scams seem to have increased exponentially.

One particularly insidious wave of such phone calls has to do with scammers posing as IRS agents calling seniors and threatening them with arrest if they don’t pay late taxes immediately. The IRS will not call you to demand money and, in fact, if your loved one gets such a call, tell them to immediately hang up and call the IRS directly  ...more

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The Nature of a Beast:
Understanding ALS
By Arleen M. Kaptur

There are so many different situations which can make someone a caregiver, like a loved one getting into a horrible accident and being rendered immobilized. The years can begin to take a toll on the mind and body, and help is needed with the simplest of things. Then there are the ravages of a horrific disease, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)  ...more

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Growing Up With CMT
By Laura Moquin

A lie can cost you reputation, respect, relationships... A lie can come from boredom or a lie can be forced from circumstance. Lies pop in and out of our mouths and minds at an alarming rate, but it only takes one lie to haunt you forever. I was ten years old when I was finally diagnosed with CMT. It had been years of misdiagnosis that finally led my parents to an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed me  ...more

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Staying Dry at School
By Jude Roberts, Staff Writer

When children begin going to school, most people assume that they will have very little problem with the issue of going to the bathroom. However, some children may have trouble with the ability to control when and where they need to go, either due to a physical challenge or because of a disease or illness that doesn’t allow for regular control over their bladder or bowel functions.

Incontinence can be very stressful, embarrassing, and frightening to the child. Hope can be found through several steps that parents and other caregivers can take in order to help an incontinent child feel well-adjusted, happy, and secure throughout their school day  ...more

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Sharing Wisdom

From Velma in Monroe Twp., NJ:  
I have been a CNA for a few years and a caregiver for about 10 years. I always love to talk about the seniors and how they brighten a day. They have wisdom that has not been tapped. We can always appreciate their candor and smiling faces. They love to be treated with respect and love, and we must always remember to do that.

From Richard in Madison, WI:  
Family caregivers for a family member can burn out and the stress can lead to depression. Seek respite care to give you a few hours, or a day, to recharge and allow you to continue caregiving with a better attitude.

The best ideas and solutions for taking care of your loved one often come from other caregivers. Please post your ideas and insights and we will share them with your fellow caregivers.  

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