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  June 3, 2014  |  Issue #719
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Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg

Summer of Respite 2014

It’s time to roll out our fourteenth annual Summer of Respite series. Since we first announced our Summer of Respite 2001, each year’s series has been a smashing success. Every summer, we encourage caregivers to continue helping each other by sending in your respite tips and techniques. This summer, it is more important than ever for each and every one of us to avail ourselves of the benefits that respite offers

We caregivers need to really celebrate ourselves this year and take advantage of the respite opportunities that will make our lives less stressful and more productive. This is the “Summer of Respite 2014” and each week, we will feature Respite Highlights for you to consider utilizing. These highlights will consist of ideas, tips and proven techniques for achieving respite during each week of the summer  ...more

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National Hurricane Awareness Week
Hurricane Preparedness
for Caregivers

By Angela Medieros, Staff Writer

Hurricane season is here again. Individuals who are caring for loved ones must plan as far ahead as possible. Regardless of how many hurricane seasons weathered, current knowledge is literally a lifesaver. The season lasts from June 1st to November 30th  ...more

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I'm Fine, Thanks
By Pat D’Andria

That is the life of a caregiver. You are always fine because the focus is always on the person that you care for. You are “just fine” because if you think of allowing yourself to be anything other than fine, your legs will come out from under you. You just keep moving along, all the while knowing that the person that you are trying to convince that you are “just fine” is you  ...more

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Leaving Your Loved One Home Alone

If it has not already been debated, the possibility of leaving your loved one alone in your home is certainly bound to occur. You will no doubt have many questions to ponder as you decide upon the prospects of leaving them such as, will they attempt to go outside?, will they hurt themselves?, or will they need emergency assistance? This difficult question involves you the caregiver, and your loved one, who was once an independent person  ...more

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Glorious Moment
By Joanne Ethier

The old man shuffles down the long corridor of the nursing home
Doffing his hat
to the wheel chair bound blind lady
Offering a mumbled
“Good morning’ to the deaf man
His sadness causing a frail birch bending of his once-oak body.
His granddaughters round the corner.
He pulls himself to his
diminished height and
Braces against the handrail
for the hugs of tiny girls
that could send him reeling
And smiles as if all is right with the world.
Outside on his favorite bench
by the fountain,
He turns his face to the sun and says,
“It’s so good to be outside.
This reminds me of Italy.”
Lucid remembrances are interrupted
by psychotic intruders
Who can be shooed away by gentle redirection to the Appian Way.
The young girls run barefoot
through the perfectly manicured lawn,
squealing delight in the joy of movement.
Grandfather calls them to him.
“Line up over here, you three.” 
He stands on unsteady, egret legs.
We’re going to have a race.
“On the count of three…”
The mother of the young girls screams.
He has forgotten for one glorious moment that he cannot run.

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