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  April 17, 2014  |  Issue #706
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From the Editor's Pen
Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg
Lucky Thirteen

This is going to be a great year for new products, services and support for family caregivers if the amazing list of 2014 Caregiver Friendly Award nominees are any indication. 

I know that each and every one of these nominees represents many thousands of hours of loving labor by their producers and manufacturers, all working with one thought in common: “What can I do to help the life of the family caregiver become easier?”

One thing I am most excited about is the wide variety of industries that are now sending in entries and the incredible work they are producing with family caregivers in mind.  And this year, we are expanding the categories to include Long Term Care Facilities. As family caregivers search for facility partners on behalf of their loved ones, it would be a great help to know which is (and which is not) Caregiver Friendly.

Now to the reason this email is titled “Lucky Thirteen.”  We have received emails and calls from organizations who are interested in having just a smidge more time to enter the award program this year  ...more

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Don’t Delay Planning
By Sheri L. Samotin

Due to medical and other technological breakthroughs, people are living longer these days. Because of this, many people wrongly assume that they can put off getting their affairs in order for a few more years. However, exactly the opposite is true  ...more

Today's Caregiver Friendly Award 2014

We Are Not in
Kansas Anymore:
Putting Alzheimer’s
in Perspective
By Shelly Moss

“There is no place like home; there is no place like home.” We can all relate to Dorothy’s sentiments. She was surrounded with enchantment —talking animals and vivid colors— yet she still longed for black and white Kansas. In Kansas lived the people she knew and loved; things were familiar  ...more

Driving and Transportation Safety
By Ryan Mackey

Transportation can be an obstacle for many older people, and adjusting to either public transportation or rides from family are not easy. It is usually up to the family of the loved one who must handle transportation issues, and ensure they stay safe when on the roads. Here are some points to consider when assessing your loved one’s ability to continue driving safely, or if needed possible alternative modes of transportation  ...more

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By Valerie Stephenson

You entered my world
extending your hand,
Reaching for the “me” that I had lost.
You helped me remember who I am
With kind and gentle reminders
Of the memories composing my life.
You took the time to know me
Beyond the intricacies of my disease-
You helped me find my way, each day,
Easing my fears,
Helping me feel that I still belong.
You overlooked my daily confusion,
Understanding the rage,
giving me comfort.
You walked along with me,
not for me,
Helping me face the day
With a sense of dignity
and a semblance of pride.
My memory fades,
But I know when someone cares.
And I know when I look into your eyes
That you are my hero.
For you are faithful, you are strong,
And you respect the best of who I am.
And I know that your belief
and steadfastness
Have allowed me to rediscover
The strength and courage
Of the hero that lies within me.

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