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  March 18, 2014  |  Issue #697
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Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg
The Valerie Harper Interview

Gary Barg: I have to tell you, Valerie, I read the book, I, Rhoda, and couldn’t put it down. Some of my favorite interviews that I’ve done for the magazine were mentioned in your book – Ed Asner, Betty White, Gerald McRaney, and Delta Burke – they were fun.

Valerie Harper: Oh, my God, what a couple. They’re wonderful. And I had a front row seat for that romance; it was lovely. Mac and I would take Delta up to Vancouver on a Sunday night to shoot the movie. We’d meet on the set the next day and then, Friday night, we’d rush to the plane to get me back to my newly adopted daughter, my brother and my mom, who was dealing with lung cancer. And he was rushing back to see his darling – inamorata, is it? The person you’re engaged to, in Italian [laugh].

Gary Barg: Like many family caregivers, when your mom took ill with lung cancer in the 80s, you brought her home and you nursed her.

Valerie Harper: Yes; she was living in San Francisco. She lived there as long as she could in a little apartment and, finally, it came time that she needed to move in with me. I went up and got her and closed her apartment. I brought her down and into the house and she was doing fine. She did not need nursing care at that time. You know, it was great to be around her and let my newly adopted little girl get to know her. So it was more of Grandma coming and moving in to live rather than a care situation  ...more

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Overactive Bladder
By Cheryl Ellis Staff Writer

“When you gotta go, you gotta go” has been an age old saying. These days, with our knowledge of medicine, we have developed medications and treatments for “the urge.”

Not all urges need to be treated with medication, but in some cases it helps  ...more

Today's Caregiver Friendly Award 2014

Meet Them
Where They Are
By Malika Brown, MSW, LSW

Oh boy, there goes mom again: “I want to go home! Take me home!” She actually is home, but she wants to go back to her home from childhood.

“Delores, come here!” Her sister’s name was Delores, but your name is Elaine, and her sister passed away long ago  ...more

Surviving a Fractured Hip
By L. Theresa Pantanella, OTR

Some preparation before a loved one comes home from the hospital will reduce the demands on the caregiver, and will facilitate recovery. It is recommended the caregiver purchase:

  1. A reacher. This will enable your
    loved one to pick up items from
    the floor or those just "out of
    reach". Also, this device will
    enable your loved one to don
    pants or underwear.

  2. A long shoe horn. This will allow
    shoes to be donned without
    bending forward  ...more

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From Maryland resident:   I found your caregiver.com site and am grateful to start seeing articles. I have the flip side of aging parent caregiving. I am the parent caregiving a 27-year-old daughter with TBI (traumatic brain injury).

I am 54. Her accident was 14 years ago, on the eve of her 13th birthday. I am starting to look at what will happen when I am gone. She is in a program during the day and is independent in many ways. However, she could never live on her own, drive a car or be in a sexual relationship. So, my goals are to make sure she has all she needs for when I am no longer around. I am also seeking professional help to assist in my emotional journey with these decisions.

All the best to you.

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