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  February 20, 2014  |  Issue #690
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From the Editor's Pen
Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg
The Irony of
Caregiver Guilt

After eight years of taking care of both parents by herself, Mary had a stroke. The stroke affected her mobility and leg strength, but most importantly to Mary, it meant her caregiving days were over. Her doctor said if she went back to full-time, around-the-clock caregiving, she would likely die before her 86- and 89-year-old parents.

Because Mary’s siblings lived out of state and offered no help, long-term care placement would have to be found for her parents before she was released from the hospital. Mary's guilt about no longer being able to be the direct caregiver for her parents led to a clinical depression and affected her own rehabilitation  ...more

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Childhood Onset
Bipolar Channel

There have been many questions surrounding the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children because of the difference in symptoms they exhibit compared to that seen in adults with the disorder. This is mainly due to the differences in the manic state of bipolar children in contrast to adults  ...more

Today's Caregiver Friendly Award 2014

Coaxing Spring
By Jennifer Cleveland

We are entering the time of year that some of us find hard to bear–and that is late winter.

The sparkle of the holidays end; family members go back to their cross-country locales, and so begins, for those of us in the colder parts of the country, the longest, starkest part of the year. Add a serious illness to that image, and it is no wonder that those afflicted, and their caregivers, feel especially overwhelmed and let down  ...more

Huntington's Disease: Tips for Coping
By Heather Pratt

Some of the suggestions I have for living with HD are:

  • Keep life simple - Rest, Exercise, Nutrition, A daily laugh.

  • Carry earplugs with you when you
    are out (Some people with HD are sensitive to noise)  ...more

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Caregiver's Day Messages

From Grateful Wife:  What a joy it is to bring a smile to someone special that you love. And, to receive a hug in return.

From Anita:  It's a great treat for me to take care of the little lady I have. She is a delight. She may not have all of her mind, but she still has a joking way that will make you smile. Today, I fixed her a comfort breakfast of fresh berries, oatmeal, the one sausage she loves to have, and fresh squeezed orange juice. She looked at me and said, ”You are too sweet and spoil me.” That was the highlight of my day. It's the little things that make me feel like I make a difference because I care. I feel like God gave me patience, love, and hope to do my job. I'm blessed in so many ways. Thanks for listening. I really love this site.

From Judy:  It's about stepping up, if I want to or not. He did for me and that is what it is all about. It is not always a good day, but you are still here, so keep up the good work. As caregivers know, everyone has good days and bad days. Have a wonderful year, Luvs.

From Bobette:  My Caregiver's Day message is quite simple. Love who you are so you can love others.

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