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June 5, 2014
Issue #720
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From the Editor's Pen Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg
Hannah and Her Sister (and Their Mom)

Dear Gary,
My mother fell about six weeks ago and injured her right leg, but healed with using a walker. Then, when she felt really good, last Saturday, she fell in her room and broke her left hip.

She had surgery last Monday with a nerve block rather than anesthesia (because of how debilitating anesthesia can be on dementia) and she came through, but is now in a very reputable short-term rehab.

We want to keep her out of adult undergarments, so using the bathroom remains normal to her. But, in order to keep her safe, we have to be there all night to alert the staff to respond to her bathroom calls  ...more

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Long Distance Caregiver - Challenges and Solutions
By Helen Hunter, ACSW, CMSW

Families who struggle to care for a parent across the miles have a unique disadvantage. They cannot be there to know what is really happening. It is often difficult and frustrating to reach doctors or social service agencies and to be able to coordinate the needed care  ...more

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Stop Digging
By JoAnn Kunkle

"If You Find Yourself in a Hole,
Stop Digging"

The quote is from Will Rogers, a simple talking philosopher, who just asked us to look honestly at ourselves, look around and appreciate what we see  ...more

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Hydration in Elders:
More Than Just a Glass of Water
By Rita Miller-Huey

As we enter the warmer part of the year, it is more important than ever to drink enough fluids. This is particularly true for children and for persons 65 and older - which could be both the caregivers and their loved ones. Not drinking enough fluids can cause unwanted symptoms, complications from existing disease conditions and may account for many hospitalizations of our elders  ...more

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My Comfort
By Donna A. Dissauer

You are my smile
When I am too weak.
After a while with you,
Joy returns to me.
You become my grabber,
When I can no longer reach or bend.
My driver,
When I can no longer see the road.
You are my longing hope,
When my health starts to go awry.
You are my support,
When I feel I cannot go on.
You are a younger version of myself;
My image forty years ago
Or maybe more...
You become a living memorial to me,
Liking what I like,
Doing as I do.
You return my will to go on
With the gentle touch of your hand,
Or the smile on your face.
The meal that you prepare.
My own you love as your own.
As I grow tired,
You are my energy;
My desire to enjoy
Another moment with you,
Another smile,
One more cup of coffee...

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