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May 27, 2014
Issue #717
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From the Editor's Pen Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg

The Melissa Manchester Interview

Gary Barg: You have added so much to what I like to call the great caregiver song book—those songs with emotion and words that really help family caregivers—songs such as “Just You and I,”  “Better Days,” “Happy Endings,”  “Rescue Me,”  “Come in from the Rain,” and of course the biggie for family caregivers, “Don’t Cry Out Loud.” Have you heard from family caregivers about the effect that music has had on them?

Melissa Manchester: After I do my performances, I go into the lobby and I sign things and hug people, and listen to their stories about how my music helps people to get through some rough time. I am very touched and honored by that because, honestly, you never know how your music will impact, and having impact is not even the intention of creating. Creating is the intention of creating. So, to have that gift come back so many fold is really something.

Gary Barg: How is your mom doing?

Melissa Manchester: She is a fantastic woman. She has had two major strokes. And, it just means that she cannot speak, but she understands everything that you are saying. She was an artist, and one of the first women designers to own her own manufacturing firm on Seventh Avenue. Her company was called Ruth Manchester, Limited. When I bring her art books, we literally can discuss gorgeous creations on the page. It is fantastic, really  ...more



Feeling At Home With Home Care:
Choosing The Right Provider

Home care is a viable and often preferred alternative to long-term hospitalization or other institutionalized care. Home care may be recommended for patients with long-term health conditions, acute illness, permanent disability or terminal illness. In these cases, there are often a number of services available  ...more

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Alternative Perspectives:
Caring For Children
By Dr. Mitchell Ghen

Caregivers of children, more often than not, will look for alternative means of treatment, especially if conventional modalities are creating side effects, or they are failing. Pediatric oncologists have admitted to me that many of their patients are involved in some sort of alternative care. Current studies suggest that the percentage is greater than 70%  ...more

Today's Caregiver Friendly Award 2014

Facing A Storm
By Jennifer Bradley, Staff Writer

In most parts of the country, the long-anticipated summer days also mean the coming of the much-dreaded storm season. From thunderstorms to tornados, and house fires to hurricanes, weather is as unpredictable as a loved one suffering from memory loss. The best plan, when both situations find themselves, face-to-face is the standard advice: be prepared!  ...more

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From Kevin: 
What are the requirements for a relative to become a caregiver? I'm trying to assist my mother with information on how she can become my grandmother’s caregiver (non-paid/paid). My grandmother is 86 years old and has the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. My mother (56) noticed that she missed a number of days taking her medicine. I have an aunt that stays with her, but she isn’t much help. My family resides in west central Georgia. I would appreciate any advice you can offer.

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