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May 20, 2014
Issue #715
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From the Editor's Pen Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg

The Jane Kaczmarek Interview

Gary Barg:  I so appreciate you spending time talking with us about osteoarthritis, this is such a big issue for family caregivers. And I have to say, as someone watching you for years on some of my favorite television shows, it’s almost implausible to believe you were dealing with this while you were doing those shows.  How did you find out that’s what you had and what did you do about it?

Jane Kaczmarek:  First of all, my father had both of his hips replaced and so, when I started having pain, I suspected that I might be a chip off the old block.  I’d limp, and I became very, very dependent on ibuprofen, which is a tremendous anti-inflammatory.  And for a while there, I know I was taking at least 20 a day  ...more



Encouraging Eating:
Advice for At-Home
Dementia Caregivers

Food, eating, and mealtimes are important parts of life. Food gives us life-sustaining nourishment and contributes to good health, eating satisfies our hunger and stimulates our senses, and mealtimes can be important sharing and social times with family and friends  ...more

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Surviving for Those Who
Didn’t - Choose
By Amelia Owen

Curled up under a hospital blanket in the large recliner with her workbook from school, she awakened to the sound of the nurse measuring her mother’s blood pressure and temperature. The glow from the TV and the methodical pumping of the oxygen machine had lulled her to sleep as she worked on her homework  ...more

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Summer Travel Plans for Caregivers
By Sheryl Leary

Taking a successful vacation when you are a caregiver requires planning and coordination. Here is some information and questions to consider when planning your time away from home.

Vacationing With Your Loved One
Is the destination accessible for my loved one’s abilities?  Ensure that stairs are kept to a limit that is acceptable and have railings. Are doorways wide enough for a wheelchair or walker? Will the bathroom accommodate your routine?

Are the activities within my loved one’s capabilities? Sometimes less is more. Be aware that your loved one’s abilities may be different when not in the comfort of home. Allow time for recuperation from the travel before activities are planned  ...more

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From Cheryl: 
I am caregiving for my husband who has had multiple strokes. His weight is 385 to 400 pounds. He has mobility issues. It is getting too much for me to handle. I need to find help. He has only Medicare. What can I do?

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