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Fearless Caregiver Newsletter
Tuesday November 12, 2013 - Issue #162

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From the Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief


The Marlo Thomas Interview

Gary Barg: Tell me a bit about the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Thanks and Giving campaign.

Marlo Thomas: One of the reasons that St. Jude is so distinctive is that it is a research and treatment center under one roof. When my father was first planning on building a hospital for children with cancer and other deadly diseases, one of the scientists said, “If you really want to help sick kids, Danny, don’t just try to make kids better; try to find out what makes them sick.” That became the mission of the hospital, devoted to the study of disease in children.

We have an international intellectual community and they are the leading doctors and scientists in the world for children with catastrophic diseases. And my father made an important promise to make St. Jude the only pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for the care they receive. And no child is ever turned away because of the family’s inability to pay. The Thanks and Giving campaign has helped very much to spread awareness of the unique work of St. Jude. It is the real deal.

Gary Barg: How do I tell caregivers to get involved in the Thanks and Giving campaign?...read more

Take Care

Gary Barg

Rich in Years

Feature Article

Insomnia: The Caregiver's Role

A growing number of seniors today face the difficulty of sleep disorders, commonly referred to as insomnia. Up to 30% of the elderly experience infrequent sleep patterns, apnea (the stoppage of breath), and waking up too early...read more

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Guest Column

Living and Laughter With Alzheimer's
By Jim Greenwood

There’s nothing funny about Alzheimer’s. But in the 13 years I lived with the disease (AD), I learned that a good laugh is often the best medicine. Before AD claimed her life, I tried to make my wife Maxine as happy as possible every day of the week. Even though she had lost her memory, she responded cheerfully to amusing stories of our marriage and to my limited repertoire of jokes...read more


Travel Preparations for Caregiving "Snowbirds"
By Kristine Dwyer, Staff Writer

This time of year, many senior "snowbirds" are packing their bags, closing up northern residences and migrating toward senior communities to escape the winter’s fury. This yearly tradition is eagerly anticipated, yet amidst the glamour of senior living in the southern states and the usual pastimes of golfing, fishing, card playing, and senior recreation, the "reality" factor of caregiving still remains...read more

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In August, my husband was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. As I began looking into resources for young adults with cancer, I found there is very little information for their spouses and NO information for families with very young children. All programs offered for children who have a parent with cancer start at age six to 10. Our four-year-old understands a great deal more than many that age, but I have not found many resources out there to help her or me. I am now providing our family's only income as a full-time teacher, with my husband spending at least half of every month in the hospital, plus a four-year-old to care for. I am lucky that we have our parents nearby (and retired) to lighten my load, but what about those who don't? I just thought this is an area in which your site might provide more information. No one else is.


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From the Archives
The Marlo Thomas Interview

Feature Article
The Caregiver's Role

Guest Column
Living and Laughter
With Alzheimer's

Travel Preparations for Caregiving "Snowbirds"


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