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Fearless Caregiver Newsletter
Tuesday November 5, 2013 - Issue #161

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From the Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief

The Harry Johns Interview

Gary Barg: Tell me about the clinical trial education campaign.

Harry Johns: Gary, I worked in the health field for a long time and as you well know, medical science is impeded by the lack of participation in clinical trials across medical research. That is particularly problematic for Alzheimerís disease. We saw an opportunity to reach out to people that we touch every day in our communities from our chapters and try to get more people engaged in doing things that would benefit other people down the road.

Any of us who have been touched by this disease do not want to see others affected by it. We know we cannot eliminate it immediately. But if we can make an impact on it, we at least leave a legacy for the people we have cared for.

Gary Barg: In an Alzheimerís trial, there is the need for a caregiver to participate as well and serve as an in-home coach for their loved one. To educate that caregiver is actually really supporting the connection between research and the public.

Harry Johns: Oh, I think you are absolutely right. The caregiver plays a critical role in the decision to participate and in terms of ongoing advice and care because, as we all know, the person is diagnosed impaired...read more

Take Care

Gary Barg

Rich in Years

Feature Article

How To Be A Parkinson's Caregiver
By Jennifer Bradley, Staff Writer

As any caregiver knows, Parkinsonís disease is both chronic and progressive. It persists over a long period of time and the symptoms worsen. Often the disease has been present for many years before active care even is necessary. This fact alone can bring many challenges along the way. A loved one secretly may have adapted their life to this condition, hiding any symptoms...read more

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Guest Column

The Value of Friendship
By Marlene Pyle

Iíve learned many things since I began taking care of my 85-year-old grandmother three years ago. I know which supermarkets offer senior citizensí discounts on which days of the week. I know which drugstore has the most helpful pharmacist, and which beautician will fix my grandmotherís hair just the way she likes it. But one of the most important things Iíve learned isnít really about caring for my grandmother; itís about caring for myself...read more


Forty-Eight Mental Breaks for Caregivers

Caregiving takes a lot of time. Even if you had spare time to daydream in the first place, itís probably gone now. However you must give yourself a mental break once in a while. The following list is intended to make you think back to a simpler time in your past, and possibly one in your future. Use them sparingly (one at a time), or be a glutton (overdose on all of them at the same time). The goal here is to make you feel better. If you really want to make yourself feel better, use this as a ďto doĒ list...read more

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We are providing care services for a person who has quadriplegia and has to be turned every two hours while sleeping at night. Caregivers can fall asleep sometimes and need to be awakened if this ever happens. Is there a device/technology that can be used (outside of a baby monitor) to alert the caregiver to wake up? Some kind of remote contact buzzing device will be excellent. Thoughts?


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From the Archives
The Harry Johns Interview

Feature Article
How To Be A
Parkinson's Caregiver

Guest Column
The Value of Friendship

Forty-Eight Mental
Breaks for Caregivers


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