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Fearless Caregiver Newsletter
 Tuesday August 13, 2013 - Issue #149

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chiefThe Fran Drescher Interview

Gary Barg: What should people do when they first think they're not getting the care they deserve?

Fran Drescher: First of all, you have to take notes. You have to ask questions and go on the Internet and know what your symptoms may be and what tests could be available. If your doctor seems busy or seems like he's not giving you the amount of attention that you need, you have to move on. You can't be a child. He's not a parent; he's not a god. Your doctor is a person, who is busy, has a lot of other patients, has his own personal life, has his own personal problems. Ultimately, it's your responsibility to take control of your body. I don't give anyone power of attorney over my money, so why should I do it over my body? Early detection equals survival when it comes to cancer, but so many symptoms can be mistaken for much more benign illnesses. People never thought they should be partners with their physicians in the way they really need to be. There are more and more specialists, and if you're not on top of the game, you're really putting your life in someone else's hands, and that is a terrible mistake...read more

Take Care

Gary Barg

Preservation Pack

Feature Article

Companions Provide Solutions
By Janet Trakin, Staff Writer

Whether you are seeking rewarding volunteer work or if you live too far from your loved one to be a caregiver, either becoming a companion or procuring one for your loved one may be the answer. Laurie Sue Kislik, 51 of Boynton Beach, Florida...read more

LTC Insurance Quote

Guest Column

Finding The Rewards In Caregiving
By Sheryl Leary

Caregiving usually evolves out of necessity due to progressive disease, declining abilities, or sudden medical changes. Despite this fact, caregivers are usually providing care because they want to...read more


Helpful Tips for the Vision Impaired

Here are ten simple tips to make living with low vision more manageable.

1. Lighting

Increase the amount of lighting directly over the task that you are doing. Focus the light directly onto what you are doing...read more

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We have my 94 year old blind mom in our home and desperately need help to climb through the Medicaid qualification process and to find a local nursing facility for her. One item missing in the total Elder Care network here in Florida seems to be the all-important checklist, or blueprint to follow for this critical need. Can anyone out there point us to the answers?

PS, we are in direct contact with our local area agency on aging who have been extremely helpful, but unfortunately, we continue to have missing answers on a daily basis. We also located a directory of localized care facilities and have spent endless hours phoning only to be told "no Medicaid beds available" or we'll have someone call you back.

My sister in Virginia informs us that in her state it is a simple process to contact "Social Services" for a lot of her answers. A web search for Social Services here resulted in a contact with the Salvation Army who said they have no idea where we should call. Any ideas out there? Thanks.


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From the Editor
The Fran Drescher Interview

Feature Article
Companions Provide Solutions

Guest Column
Finding The Rewards
In Caregiving

Helpful Tips for
the Vision Impaired...


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