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Fearless Caregiver Newsletter
 Tuesday July 16, 2013 - Issue #145

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chiefThe Delta Burke and
Gerald McRaney Interview

Gary Barg: Mac, did it take a while for Delta to see that it was time to see a therapist, or bring professionals into it?

Gerald McRaney: It was a matter of, among other things, searching for the right medication, and just sort of time with the therapist, until things began to make sense to Delta. To me, that was one of the things about the medications that they are not, in and of themselves, going to cure depression; but they will let you get out of your own way long enough that you and your therapist can take care of the symptoms.

GB: That’s right. We’re always talking to caregivers about there being no “magic bullet.” But everything is a shovel full of dirt for you to fill in that hole you’ve been standing in.

Delta Burke: There were times, as we went along, he was very protective of me and sheltered me from unpleasant environments or things that were very stressful to me.  Then, as I began to get stronger and was able to handle things a little better, we had to readjust the relationship, which was always tricky...read more

Take Care

Gary Barg

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Feature Article

Encouraging Eating: Advice for
At-Home Dementia Caregivers

Food, eating, and mealtimes are important parts of life. Food gives us life-sustaining nourishment and contributes to good health, eating satisfies our hunger and stimulates our senses, and mealtimes can be important sharing and social times with family and friends. Many of our favorite experiences and memories—preparing and sharing...read more

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Guest Column

When Family Ties Turn Into Entanglements:
Relatives Raising Children
By Judy Paschalis

It’s not an isolated situation — in fact, it’s quite common to find grandparents and other relatives raising children in their extended families...read more


Healing the Hurt: Overcoming the Pain of Arthritis

Arthritis. The word literally means joint inflammation and includes more than 100 different diseases, all of which center around bodily aches and pains and the aggravations that accompany those wretched symptoms...read more

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I fully understand the complexity of caregiving. I still work as a health educator/advocate. This spring my husband, who is "retired", and I chose to bring his mother into our home to live. She has end stage Alzheimer's disease and suffered two strokes. She needs full-time care. We do have minimal respite care. Our area is great about covering elder needs for those who remain active and independent. However, in our county, transportation and homecare remain major issues for everyone.

We don't qualify for Medicaid, yet have to pay private agencies huge amounts of money for personal care. My mother-in-law does not have enough financial resources to qualify for a nursing facility. We are stuck in the middle. Her primary physician won't qualify my mother-in-law for hospice because she doesn't know the length of the disease process. Yet, after talking with our hospital's palliative care team, we may qualify for some services, especially comfort care.

My husband and I take staycations. We rent or purchase DVDs, buy some dark chocolate and a bottle of wine, and enjoy the evening after Mother is in bed. We have a swimming pool and invite family and friends to enjoy BBQs. I have a patio garden. We live in the country and have a lot of song birds and wildlife. Both of us enjoy reading and puzzles. My grandchildren visit.

But we still need emotional support as we watch her slow decline. We are suffering grief long before her passing. She is no longer the mother we remember.

I would appreciate any advice you may share with us.



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From the Editor
The Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney...

Feature Article
Encouraging Eating...

Guest Column
When Family Ties Turn
Into Entanglements...

Healing the Hurt...


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