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Fearless Caregiver Newsletter
 Tuesday May 7th, 2013 - Issue #135

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chiefAn Interview with Mike Malusevic

Gary Barg: Let’s start at the beginning and tell us what we’re talking about when we say tinnitus.

Mike Malusevic: The easiest way to put it is tinnitus is ringing in your ears. It’s a sound that you hear that is not heard externally by others. So this is a function of the auditory pathways of the brain. This is where you know tinnitus resides. People are hearing a sound. It can be a screeching, buzzing or there can be many different forms of it. They are hearing something that someone on the outside is not hearing...read more

Take Care

Gary Barg


Feature Article

Helping the Mentally Ill
By Jude Roberts

The National Alliance for Mental Ilness (NAMI) is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the United States, with self-help, support, and advocacy groups in every state, including Puerto Rico. Created in 1979, NAMI is completely dedicated to the elimination of all mental illness, as well as to the improvement of living standards for caregivers and persons affected by these diseases. NAMI offers important advice and help for those with some of the most difficult of disorders...read more

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Guest Column

Summer Travel Plans for Caregivers
By Sheryl Leary

Taking a successful vacation when you are a caregiver requires planning and coordination. Here is some information and questions to consider when planning your time away from home...read more


Activities For People With Dementia

It is universally recognized that elderly people with dementia lose their short term memory first and their long term memory last. For example, they often remember people and events from their earlier years, but have difficulty remembering...read more

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From Marie in Utah 

What do you do when there is so much fighting amongst siblings about what to do with Mother? I have tried so hard to get us all on the same page and give our mother continuity of care; but each sibling thinks their way is best, and it's our mother who ends up so confused. Also, what are the best words of comfort to say when the one you care for constantly says she wants to go home? My mom can't go home alone; she is a fall risk, she gets frightened, she forgets to eat and she can't medicate herself. I feel like she thinks she's in prison and I am the warden. I just want for her comfort and safety. Thanks and God be with you.

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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor
An Interview with
Mike Malusevic

Feature Article
Helping the Mentally Ill

Guest Column
Summer Travel Plans
for Caregivers

Activities For People
With Dementia


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