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Fearless Caregiver Newsletter
 Tuesday January 22, 2013 - Issue #120

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chiefAn Interview with
Bonnie Kantor-Burman
Director Of The Ohio Department Of Aging

Gary Barg: Can you tell me what Ohioans who are family caregivers need to know about the Ohio Department of Aging?

Director Kantor-Burman: The Ohio Department of Aging is a wonderful resource for our citizens and for caregivers of today, and those who may be in that role someday. We are charged with ensuring that our state is at the leading edge of responding to the needs of Ohio’s citizens, while also ensuring that they are heard and that they are front and center in any decisions that we make.

Gary Barg: What’s your vision going forward for what Ohio caregivers are going to see, need, and have to deal with regarding support?

Director Kantor-Burman:  I would be very upfront in that I don’t see more resources coming to our states and federal government. And here, we’re talking about our elders and others who need our services, and that their caregivers are allocated resources in the most effective and responsive way...read more

Take Care

Gary Barg

Hearing Webinar

Feature Article

Caregiving Issues Facing the
Multi-Generational Family
By Helen Hunter, ACSW, CMSW

There are many family situations today where you can find three, four or even five generations living under one roof. While the circumstances that result in multi-generational living vary from financial to health-related to simple family closeness, those who live in these types of households deal with many issues. Serving as the main caregiver for an older relative, dealing with grandchildren and having one of their own children living back at home after several years on his/her own can be a challenge for the best of families...read more

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Guest Column

Post Polio Syndrome:
Recognizing the Unrecognizable
By Henk Snyman, MD

Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, polio emerged as a devastating epidemic that affected thousands in the United States alone. Once the second leading cause of death behind stroke, polio stood as an incurable, viral disease that caused severe pain, breathing difficulties, paralysis, and in many cases, death...read more


End of Life Tips for Caregivers
By Ryan Mackey

At the end stages of life, do not underestimate the loved one’s need for spiritual growth and care through local clergy or religious communities however insignificant it may seem to you.

Locate and understand all financial and legal papers such as wills, power of attorneys, and bank accounts...read more

CFA 2013 Call for Entries


Right now, I am caregiving for my dad 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He has dementia and just recently broke three ribs.  He was at a rehab facility, but they were not giving the care that he needed and it ended up that I was actually doing the caregiving instead of them.   After two weeks, my family decided that it was best to bring him home. Why pay them if I was doing all the work?

So, I am up literally every two hours during the night to catheterize him, change brief or do whatever is needed. During the day, I dispense his meds, catheterize as needed, change brief, do bed baths, help with dressing and oral care, continue therapy with him when therapist isn’t here, and oh so very much more. I have had to put my "life" on hold to be able to care for my father. So, due to this, I have no income for myself. This is making us literally live paycheck to paycheck,  which is very slim. Is there some way I could get some pay for what I do?

Betty in Smyrna,  TN

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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor
An Interview with Bonnie Kantor-Burman

Feature Article
Caregiving Issues Facing the Multi-Generational Family

Guest Column
Post Polio Syndrome: Recognizing the Unrecognizable

End of Life Tips for Caregivers


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