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Thursday March 7, 2013 - Issue #629

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chiefThe Valerie Harper
Caregiver Interview

The Time: Last Week. The Voice on the other end of the phone line: Unmistakable Valerie Harper/Rhoda. In a word (or four): she was open, fun, funny and bubbly (but, what else would you expect?)...read more 

Care Fearlessly

Gary Barg


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Featured Article

Tackling Tax Season

By Jennifer Bradley, Staff Writer

Life is expensive. Being a caregiver can be another added expense to your monthly budget, even if a loved one has independent financial stability.There are a variety of situations that a caregiver can find themselves in during this season’s tax time...read more

Guest Column

Everyday Tasks Made Easier
With Accessible Technology
By Patricia Kennedy, RN, CNP


What if vision challenges made it impossible for you to read a computer screen? Or limited dexterity left you unable to type? For many people living with chronic illnesses and disabilities, these questions are in fact realities...read more

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10 Steps to Kidney Health

Recent studies indicate that 26 million American adults suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD) and that the number is likely to rise unless Americans get serious about prevention. March is National Kidney Month and World Kidney Day is March 8...read more

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Sharing Wisdom

From Rae in Florida
My mom may be starting to get up more at night. I turned the lock around and lock her door when I go to bed, but we put a baby monitor in the room so I can hear her if she needs me. I sleep better knowing she will not go out because she can be very quiet when getting up. She has a commode bedside and uses it each night and goes back to bed knowing that if she needs me, to call out for me. Before this, we gave her the remote to the TV to just turn the TV on if she needed help after a fall. The volume was on high and we heard her easily before we thought of the baby monitor. Now she cannot lock herself in by mistake and will call out if she cannot open the door.
From Joel in Michigan
I have seen time and time again where a vertical grab bar (up and down) can help someone to stand with only guidance when a horizontal (side to side) grab bar required two caregivers to transfer someone. There are also grab bars from floor to ceiling that can be anywhere in the room. This is as beneficial for the caregiver as it is for the patient.

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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor

The Valerie Harper Caregiver Interview

Featured Article

Tackling Tax Season
Guest Column

Everyday Tasks Made Easier With Accessible Technology


10 Steps to Kidney Health
Sharing Wisdom


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