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Fearless Caregiver Newsletter
 Tuesday November 20, 2012 - Issue #113

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chiefAn Interview with Julie Newmar

Julie Newmar, star of stage, screen and television, comes by her love of performing naturally as the daughter of a Ziegfeld Follies performer. Julie was a prima ballerina with the Los Angeles Opera Company before becoming a staff choreographer at Universal Studios and made her big screen debut in the 1952 Bing Crosby musical Just For You.

In the most important role of a lifetime, Julie is caregiver to her son John, living with Down syndrome, and recently made public her own diagnosis with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. 

Gary Barg: You are a wonderful caregiver for your son, John. Can you tell me a little about it?

Julie Newmar: It is easy; it is natural.

Gary Barg: How is he doing?

Julie Newmar: Oh, beautifully.  He is so healthy.  I mean, what a joy!

Gary Barg: That is terrific.

Julie Newmar: I guess we are doing a few things right, like his nutrition and the atmosphere in which he lives. I do not know who is doing the caregiving. I think he is the one who is healing me...read more

Take Care

Gary Barg


Feature Article

Hope For The Holidays

Caregivers are stretched to the max during the majority of the year, but during the holiday season, this stress can take on an entirely different meaning.

Expectations and Traditions

Caregivers must first and foremost be realistic. Our culture tends to paint a perfect holiday picture of families gathered around a fireplace, drinking eggnog and laughing happily. That happens, of course, but it doesn’t show the caregiver in the background frantically trying to keep it all together and meet each generation’s expectations of holiday bliss...read more

Holiday Fearless Caregiver Guides

Guest Column

Colicky Dementia
Shay Jacobson, RN, MA, NMG

Dementia is a term that brings to mind a pleasantly confused, grandmotherly figure—sweet, gentle and easy to redirect. Adult children believe and trust that Mom will only exhibit her most endearing qualities, be socially appropriate, and docilely follow the directions of her caregivers.  But what happens when an already misfiring mind responds chaotically to the world around it, veering drastically from the peaceful path?...read more


Avoiding Mistakes when Buying a Power Lift Chair Recliner: Five Tips From A Licensed Physical Therapist
By Jeff Roth MPT

If getting up and down from a sofa or chair is not as simple as it used to be for your loved one, buying a power lift chair may be the right move as they are relatively inexpensive for the benefits they provide.  There are so many options, both in stores and online, when it comes to buying mobility equipment that it can become overwhelming. As a licensed physical therapist and home health care specialist, I assess people with physical disabilities on a daily basis and can provide insight to avoid mistakes in your purchase...read more

Holiday Bookclub: Who Cares?


For the past five years, I have had the responsibility of my parents.

The first situation was having my mom settled in a care home.  She had dementia and was a danger to herself and my dad.  It was a difficult struggle with my dad and my brother to get them to recognize the need  She is doing much better, but my brother refuses any attempt to keep him involved in the decisions.

My dad has chosen to stay in his home.  He is 92 now and is fast getting to the point he needs more help, but won’t allow anyone but me or my daughter in. He is worried his stuff will be taken; when we have had outside help, it has been.

My husband was diagnosed with rectal cancer three years ago and has to wear a colostomy bag.  His personal hygiene is disgusting.  He also shows signs of approaching mental forgetfulness.

One of my children is close by, but two are in distant parts of the country.  Even though I have been through counseling and have been going to a caregivers’ group, my anger is so strong, I can hardly control it at times and I want to stay in bed as much as I am able.  Financially, we are not in a good place, so I just can’t take off on a holiday if I want to, even if I could leave my father without support.

How does one overcome this anger that I am sure others have.  I am now in my 70s. I am not looking forward to living like this and don't know how to change.  I have hobbies which help; but increasingly, I don't want to see people, either, as people my age all have problems 

O. W.

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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor
An Interview with Julie Newmar

Feature Article
Hope For The Holidays

Guest Column
Colicky Dementia

Avoiding Mistakes when Buying a Power Lift Chair Recliner: Five Tips From A Licensed Physical Therapist


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