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Fearless Caregiver Newsletter

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Fearless Caregiver Newsletter
 Tuesday July 17, 2012 - Issue #95

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chiefAn Interview with Nancy Snyderman

Nancy l. Snyderman, MD, has been the chief medical editor for NBC News since 2006 and frequently appears on NBC’s Today and MSNBC to discuss medicine-related issues. Dr. Snyderman is also on the staff of the otolaryngology-head and neck surgery department at the University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia.

Gary Barg: In Medical Myths that Can Kill You, you write that “one of the goals of the book is to help us learn how to demand respect and appropriate treatment from the healthcare system that is not always fair.” I have got to tell you this sounds like great advice for family caregivers as well. What do you advise family caregivers when dealing
with the healthcare system?

Nancy Snyderman: I think this is particularly true for women. The good manners that our mothers taught us that help us in social situations and open up doors and allow you to have a lovely conversation at a dinner party— those same manners do not serve you well when you are advocating for someone who needs help....read more

Take Care

Gary Barg

Swallowing Difficulties Information

Feature Article

Sensory Stimulation
What Are Sensory Stimulation Groups?
By Cheryl Ellis, Staff Writer

Why are they so necessary in Alzheimer specific day centers?

I work in an Alzheimer specific day center. Each day that I’m there, I spend two hours running what I believe to be a very important group...a sensory stimulation group...read more

Fearless Caregiver Conferece Western CT

Guest Column

Two Relationships in One
By Chris MacLellan

To be entrusted with the care of another human being is one of the greatest honors that can be bestowed on you.  It takes on meaning that is beyond approach.  New parents have nine months to prepare for the responsibility. Doctors and nurses undergo years of rigorous training for the work that they do...read more


Don't Get Mad, Get Funny
By Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant, M.P.H

No matter how much we love them, caring for family members can be a very stressful job.  And all that stress can take its toll on our health and make our role as family caregivers even more difficult...read more

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I've been in love with someone living with bipolar disorder or manic depression for four years. Dealing with the mood swings isn't one of my strong points, but I do my best to keep her positive on her downs and out of trouble on her highs.

She has begun to accept the disorder and we're managing, I guess. But at times, she becomes cold and distant and often tries to push me away because she doesn't want me to be hurt, no matter how much I tell her I'm not going anywhere. Truth be told, it does bring me down, but I just keep reminding myself to be strong for her. If I'm not, who'll be there for her when she drops again? I wish I could find a way to get her to understand how much I care; but at this point, I haven't found it.

After all this, I just want to remind others not to lose hope. Through the
weeks in rehab and clinics, through the fighting and reckless behaviour, keep hope. At the end of the day, a moment with her balanced is worth a life time of ups and downs.

Any advice, please.


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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor
An Interview with Nancy Snyderman

Feature Article
Sensory Stimulation

Guest Column
Two Relationships in One

Don't Get Mad, Get Funny


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