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Thursday September 13, 2012 - Issue #605

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

An Interview with Patricia Richardson

Patricia Richardson, star of stage, screen and television, is best known for co-starring with Tim Allen for eight seasons on the ABC TV show Home Improvement as Jill Taylor. Since her father’s diagnosis, Patricia, a mother of three, has been a strong caregiver advocate for people living with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). She also serves as the national spokesperson for CurePSP.

Gary Barg: I appreciate you talking about your dad.  I think when we talk about our families, and especially people in the public eye like yourself, it really makes a difference and brings people out who may be going through this. It is really a great service that you do.  Could you tell us what PSP is?

Patricia Richardson: Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is a neurodegenerative brain disease that has no known cause, treatment or cure. It affects nerve cells that control walking, balance, mobility, vision, speech and swallowing. We used to say movement disorder, but we have decided now to refer to it as a disease.  That’s what it is and when you say a movement disorder, it does not sound as serious and deadly as it in fact is.  It is a fatal disease.  It is a fatal brain disease...read more

Take Care

Gary Barg


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Featured Article

Ovarian Cancer: The Caregiver's Role

By Sandra Ray, Staff Writer

The American Cancer Society reports that ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer among women today. About three percent of all cancers in women are some type of ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, ovarian cancer ranks among fifth in cancer deaths, primarily due to the fact that it is hard to detect until it has advanced beyond the ovaries into other areas of the body...read more

Guest Column

The Attack of the Shower Chair

By Susan Leck


My husband Bud had Huntington’s Disease. I was his caregiver. One of the hardest things for Bud was to have to depend on me or anyone else for toileting and hygiene...read more

Long-Term Care Channel


Eating Habits: Suggestions When Feeding Your Elderly Loved Ones
Ryan Mackey

Alleviate any diversions when eating, and be basic with your meals:

  • Use only utensils that are needed.

  • Have cups with lids to avoid a mess if spilled...read more

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Sharing Wisdom

From Mary in FL

My husband has had Parkinson’s for the past 10 years.  He has to take so many pills every day and drinking was an added problem. Applesauce on a spoon with the pill, or as many as three pills, helps him swallow them all with no stress.

From Renee in SD

I am the main caregiver for my parents, both with dementia and Dad with Parkinson's. I still work as a teacher, have one teen at home and volunteer with youth. I have found when I need help, I make calls. I have a list of friends who I can count on. I have tried posting on Facebook when I need help, but found calling specific people with a specific task in mind works better. I have also found that those people I have spent time helping are not always the ones who help me. I don't know why.  Between those who help me and those we’ve helped, the common denominator is our love for God and wanting to serve others. Get plugged into a church that really loves on the people, not just a bunch of zombies who go out of duty each Sunday.

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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor

An Interview with Patricia Richardson

Featured Article

Ovarian Cancer: The Caregiver's Role
Guest Column

The Attack of the Shower Chair


Eating Habits: Suggestions When Feeding Your Elderly Loved Ones
Sharing Wisdom


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