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Thursday January 26, 2012 - Issue #573

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

Look, up in the sky

I know as we approach Valentine’s Day, the talk should turn to love and all that mushy stuff.  To the contrary, I am feeling the urge to dash into a local phone booth (as if there were any) and take my alter ego out of mothballs for a spin.  Yes, Elizabeth, there is a Curmudgeon Man!

What has brought Curmudgeon Man out of hibernation is the English language or, better stated, the misapplication of the English language...continued

Take Care

Gary Barg



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Feature Article

How To Be A Parkinson's Caregiver

By Jude Roberts, Staff Writer

As any caregiver knows, Parkinson’s disease is both chronic and progressive. It persists over a long period of time and the symptoms worsen.  Often the disease has been present for many years before active care even is necessary...continued

Guest Column

Finding The Rewards In Caregiving

By Sheryl Leary

Caregiving usually evolves out of necessity due to progressive disease, declining abilities, or sudden medical changes. Despite this fact, caregivers are usually providing care because they want to...continued



Top Ten Things For Caregivers To Start Doing 
for The New Year


1. Keep records of all medications and reactions: make notes about what works, what doesn’t and when you informed the physician of any problems.

2. Keep records of all doctor appointments: the reason for the visit, the doctor’s responses to our concerns, any procedures performed, etc...continued

Share your tip, advice resource or observation.

Sharing Wisdom


From  Jean
In Ohio

Use a video recorder or tape player to use as prompts for exercising or instructions. Buy sing along tapes or make your own. Buy sensory video tapes for helping with daily activities. Use simple instructions:  Dad, put on your shirt; Dad, let’s sing [name a favorite song]; Dad, let’s put on your shoes; It’s 2 pm and it’s time for your afternoon medication in the blue pill box. You could ask someone doing occupational therapy to help you make these tapes.

From Maria
In Belleville, Illinois

When working as a caregiver, there needs to be a balance. People that work a lot often have a hard time relaxing. A good remedy is to do something that you enjoy. Sometimes caregivers forget about themselves in order to take care of others and it becomes a “catch 22.” Remember to take care of your own hygiene, personal relationships, physical, mental and emotional well-being.
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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor

Look, up in the sky

Feature Article

How To Be A Parkinson's Caregiver
Guest Column

Finding The Rewards In Caregiving


Top Ten Things For Caregivers To Start Doing During The New Year
Sharing Wisdom


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