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From The Editor

A Grinchless Season

I don’t want to sound like the Grinch this fine day, but I write this dire warning with something serious to say…

Whilst the holidays approach with stores full as a zoo, the Grinches and Goblins are out looking for you… 

As we hop and we shop from store to fine store, hoisting gidgets and gadgets into bags too large to ignore, the secret we discover of one who shops deft is learning to avoid identity theft. presents:

Tips for a Grinchless Holiday Season

  • Be wary about giving out your Social Security number.  Many reputable businesses will allow you to use another form of identification. 

  • Never give out any personal information over the phone unless you already trust the organization and are sure they are the ones asking for the information.

  • Be crafty when devising your passwords. Don’t always use the same code number, make sure it something that you will remember, but not as easy to find as your date of birth

  • Don’t shop alone if possible

  • Park in well lighted areas and don’t overburden yourself with packages

  • Remain aware of your surroundings

  • Be cautious when keying in PIN numbers at ATM’s or the cash register.

  • Leave your extra credit cards and unnecessary forms of identification at home.

  • Online: make sure that the organization has a street address and working customer phone number.  Check their privacy policies before making transactions.

  • When you get the ‘IMPORTANT’ email from the company you think you know, asking you for personal information about your account by clicking on the link provided. DON’T click on the link. Don’t hesitate, just delete the entire message.

They used to say on television “Be careful out there” and that applies to you.

But do have as much fun as a Who from Whoville would do.

(And this week starts Hanukah, too.)

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Gary Barg

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Feature Story

Nourishing Holidays
By Rita Miller-Huey

Ah, “‘Tis the season….” But for many of us, it is another day of the same old thing, or, maybe worse, it is a time when there are even more expectations and responsibilities placed upon us than we usually face..   ...Continued

Additional Article:

By Mary Damiano

Recharging your batteries is one of the most important ways to help your loved one. ...Continued



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Guest Column

What Now?
By Michael Plontz

Early detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment is essential for both loved one and caregiver.  A treatment program for any given condition or disease involves two potential avenues of approach: . ...Continued



People -- sometimes friends, relatives, helpful technicians at the doctor's office, concerned co-workers-- are always telling us, "reduce your stress, sweetie, and you'll feel better.".....Continued

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My husband has early stage alzheimer's and even though I try to make sure he brushes after each meal (I work outside the home} I am not sure how good a job he does. Does anyone know of any special toothpaste or any other method that will help?


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From the Editor
A Grinchless Season
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Getting The Most From The Medicare_Approved Discount Card
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Nourishing Holidays
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