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From The Editor

An open letter to the future
President of the United States

Dear President (Kerry / Bush)

Congratulations on winning (election / re-election) to the highest office in the land. As you well know, our already divided nation was tested to its limits during this seemingly endless campaign season and I sincerely hope that you are dedicated to taking immediate and honest steps to bring us together under your leadership. 

Mr. President, if I may be so bold as to make suggestions, I vehemently urge you to pay attention to the needs of a huge and under-appreciated voting bloc, 54 million strong - the family caregiver. Mr. President, the true burden of the American healthcare system has been unfairly placed squarely upon the shoulders of these heroes on a daily basis. If all family caregivers went on strike today, you would have to find almost 200 billion dollars each and every year to replace the work they do for their loved ones for no salary and with little support.

Mr. President, we just hosted our second annual Phoenix Fearless Caregivers conference with the Region One Area Agency on Aging and in attendance was a representative of the Democratic governor, Janet Napolitano and the Republican senator, John Kyl.  In what could be a bi-partisan model not seen in recent times, these elected officials understood that they have a duty to the hundreds of Arizona caregivers in the audience, not to mention that 54 million Americans with good memories can certainly affect the course of state if not national politics.

Please understand, Mr. President, that we as a nation stand behind you in these troubled times, but we also need you to stand behind us and our loved ones. We will be watching you and the Congress as medicare, drug reimportation., medical research, and tax relief for caregivers are being decided and we will be sharing our feelings and findings with our fellow caregivers.


Gary Barg


We look forward to seeing you in Connecticut next month. 

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Feature Story

Living With Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder may recur throughout an individual’s life if they have had it before. Those who are being treated do lead quality lives, but about 25% of those diagnosed have regular symptoms throughout.  .. ...Continued

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Guest Column

A Loss Greater Than Death
by Annie Burgamy

Pa Pa’s sun-burnt, smiling face disguises well the loss he is already experiencing; only his voice betrays him, “Joan who is playing today?” Pa Pa asks over and over again. ...Continued


FUN-Damental Holiday Stress Busters

Although anyone in any profession can experience increased stress during the holidays, healthcare professionals are especially vulnerable.....Continued

Staying Dry At School
By Hilary Gibson, Staff Writer

When children begin going to school, most people assume that they will have very little problem with the issue of going to the bathroom.....Continued

From Our Readers



I've just moved here to Gilroy, Ca.. the father of my children is a diabetic and isn't taking proper care of himself. So I've decided to see if I'm able to be his caregiver. I'm wondering what I need to do or whom I need to get in touch with. He is 100% disabled and gets help from SSI & Medical. I have been a caregiver before but in a different county. But it just got transferred over to me because my friend took care of it with her mom's worker. So if you could help me in any way I would appreciate it.

Thank You


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Living With BiPolar Disorder
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