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Helping Cancer Patients Protect their Family
and Everyone’s Drinking Water

By Theresa L. O’Keefe, Ph.D. and Jim Mullowney

Chemotherapy drugs are life-saving drugs and can be given on an out-patient basis. This allows the patients to return home where their families can care for them. The most powerful chemotherapeutic drugs are genotoxic – they directly attack DNA. Unfortunately for a handful of these genotoxic drugs, a dangerous percentage pass out of the cancer patients in the drugs’ active form. These genotoxic drugs attack any fast growing cells so they can cause side effects such as secondary cancers in the patients or bystanders. For this reason, any employee that works with these drugs uses the highest level of chemical hazard protection to keep themselves safe. 
The tragedy is that the unborn, babies and children have huge numbers of fast growing cells that can be attacked by these post-patient drugs. When the patients are sent home, they are unintentionally dumping large quantities of DNA mutating drugs into their families’ homes and environment. The families/caretakers have only disposable gloves to protect themselves and may not understand the risks.  The patients are told to flush their wastes down the toilet. However, this just puts the dangerous drugs into the sewer or septic system. As these drugs frequently survive water cleaning processes, these drugs can migrate to surface water, into wells and our drinking water. 
Pharma-Cycle was founded to create solutions for this family, public health and environmental issue. Once these DNA-mutating drugs leave the patient, it is impossible to know how many innocent bystanders they will harm. Pharma-Cycle has developed devices with supporting services that allow cancer patients to immediately neutralize and sequester these dangerous post-patient drugs in their urine, feces, vomit and sweat. Pharma-Cycle is also creating a service system to support the patients and families by safely collecting the hazardous wastes for responsible disposal. By keeping these drugs out of the water supply, cancer patients and Pharma-Cycle will work together to reduce the risk of these drugs to huge numbers of society’s most vulnerable members: fetuses, babies and children.

For more information about the Pharma-Cycle Family Safe System visit


Jim Mullowney, President of Pharma-Cycle, Inc., invented the critical Pharma-Cycle Reagent. Theresa L. O’Keefe Ph.D. is Pharma-Cycle’s Chief Scientific Officer



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