Who Pays for Long-Term Care?


Long-term care costs may be covered through the following options.


Children or other family members may be willing and available to take care of you, physically and financially. Make sure your expectations are clear, and that the resources you're counting on – physical, financial, and emotional - actually exist.

Yourself, or “Self-Funding”

A realistic review of how much you have, how much you're willing to spend of your savings & assets, and how much long-term care costs will give you a clear picture of whether this is the option for you.

Government Programs

Programs like Medicare and Medicaid may help pay for some long-term care expenses, but coverage may be limited.

Many states have a Long-Term Care Partnership Program designed to help provide asset protection for those who own long-term care insurance and seek to access Medicaid benefits.

Long-Term Care Insurance

A comprehensive policy can help protect:

  • Your family's resources - their time, energy, and money

  • Your independence - your ability to choose how and where you want care

  • Your assets - preserving your savings

Find out how long-term care insurance can help you.

Source: Genworth Financial

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