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What's In A Name

By  Patricia Hampton, Staff Writer  


Scooters. Just the name alone makes you feel sporty, zipping along from here to there to get the job done. That they’re often used by those whose mobility is otherwise limited is a sobering reality hidden beneath the speedy application of innovative technology.

Okay, so let’s say you need a scooter. You’re an American consumer whose mobility has been compromised, but like many others, you’ve worked out the emotional and psychological issues surrounding this fact and have decided to move ahead, not letting life’s limitations compromise your daily regimen.

So you decide to go shopping. Enter the magic of marketing. As we shopped available power scooters on the wonderful worldwide web, the product names alone were enough to make us pull out our checkbooks and begin autographing, never mind the equipment’s comfortable characteristics.

Consider Pride Mobility’s Celebrity. That conjures up images of gold and glitter, prestige and power. With synonyms like superstar, pop idol and movie star, Celebrity is a good word choice to make the driver feel good and position the equipment as superlative. In fact, the product description says the Celebrity is “fully loaded with innovative standard features.” One of those is a state-of-the-art lighted touch pad. Full digital controls are another. A “soft-ride” full suspension system, pneumatically adjustable seat post and full lighting package round out the features.

Pride Mobility’s Sundancer is another. See? The names are enchanting. Sundancer creates images of dancing nymphs, lithe and unrestricted. This scooter is described as having “stylish appeal.” With an adjustable tiller, full directional lighting package and mag wheels, how could you lose?

Okay, one more. Pride Mobility’s Legend. Wow, makes you think of, well, Mom ‘n them. People going back as far as you can think who have passed down important information, legends even. It’s what makes families and historical groups survive and gives them credence. Falling into the category of luxury scooter, the Legend has a contemporary design, front and rear suspension, sliding seat, smooth and quiet indoor operation and a reclining high-back seat with height-adjustable headrest.

A defining moment in the limited mobility market has been a desire on the part of individuals and manufacturers alike to make it possible for power equipment like scooters to be approved by Medicare for those who, while functionally mobile enough to get around in the confines of their home, need the help of a scooter or wheelchair to get around in the world outside. Living well means getting out, moving around and experiencing all that life has to offer. Power equipment like scooters make that possible.

Let’s face it. Cool names just make it more fun.

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